Tours To Israel

Israel is a fascinating nation; it is both old and new and teems with historical, geographical and cultural contrast. With abundant opportunities for visitors to experience the trip of a lifetime, Kosher Pacific relishes the opportunity of arranging customised tours for individuals, families, communities and school groups.

Using our extensive local knowledge and agencies throughout Israel, Kosher Pacific can organise an itinerary based on whatever theme you choose. If you are looking for a tour steeped in history, or to explore the fascinating nature and wildlife, perhaps to experience modern Israel, or to immerse yourself in the spiritual and cultural wonders of the Jewish Holy Land, we can design a unique experience just for you.

Israel is an outstanding destination for Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah ceremonial tours. Kosher Pacific pride ourselves on attaining the perfect balance of interest and activity for cross-generational family and community groups enabling you to strengthen the ties that bind you together as a Jewish community.

Our honeymoon and anniversary tours are always popular due to our ability to design an itinerary around each couples expressed needs and areas of interest. Celebrating significant personal milestones in Israel will create lifelong, irreplaceable memories and Kosher Pacific take pleasure in being able to bring your ambitions to reality.

Kosher Pacific’s school group tours are highly regarded because we can completely tailor itineraries to suit the needs and wants of the group, the curriculum and the budget, resulting in a meaningful and stimulating Israeli experience.

Talk to us about how we can take your Israeli travel dream and make it into exciting reality.