Kosher Pacific prepares sophisticated and opulent itineraries for travellers who value quality and style. We promise you a travel experience that is both out-of-the-ordinary and possibly beyond what you ever thought was possible. 

We will connect you to the most astonishing destinations in Australia or New Zealand and allow you to savour them in the finest way possible whilst always maintaining kosher. 

You may have a passion for golfing, fishing or skiing.  Perhaps your desire is to experience unique coastal, rural or alpine landscapes or possibly just to take the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate in lavish luxury. Whatever your needs, Kosher Pacific will customise a refreshingly unique experience just for you.

Our insider’s knowledge will enable you to discover awe-inspiring locations, reside in luxurious surroundings and connect to these lands in a meaningful way. The journey is designed to ensure you build emotional connections to these great nations that will endure beyond your departure home.