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Kosher Pacific are the only kosher travel management company based in New Zealand, providing specialist, high quality arrangements for kosher traveller within New Zealand and Australia. We cater for groups of any size, families and couples.

Being a Southern Hemisphere-based, you can talk to us during your touring here at almost any time, in English or in Hebrew.

Ensuring that the travellers’ kosher needs are met is a significant part of the Kosher Pacific experience. We will organise all kosher meals for you at the level of your requirement – from Kosher Glat to Kosher light. Our range of options includes a Kosher Chef travelling with your group, a Mashgiach Rabbi accompanying the group (meals cooked at the hotels), local Kosher Kitchens, and pre-prepared kosher meals delivered nationwide to your hotels. Pat Israel and Halav Israel (powder, not fresh) may be available on request. We can arrange private dining areas at the hotels if required.

Both Australia and New Zealand offer a relatively wide range of Kosher products in the mainstream supermarkets and we can provide you with a comprehensive directory of the listed Kosher products to accompany you along your travel here and to ease the access to these products.

Some products are with a Hekhsher signature of the local Kashrut and some are certified without a signature (as bread selection, crackers selection, chocolate selection, and more)

We carefully design our itineraries so that the Shabbat is spent in the main centres with high quality accommodation handpicked by Kosher Pacific to be within short walking distance of the synagogue. We merge the Shabbat experience with the local Jewish Community or Chabbad House (whichever is available) and ensure a unique embracing local Jewish experience.

Kosher Pacific can organise the opportunity to meet local Jewish communities and to share the experience of their lifestyle, learn about the local Jewish history, meet with the Rabbis and participate in Shabbat services.

A Mikveh is available in numerous centres and this can be arranged if required.

We work with Travel Agents, Outbound Operators, Tour Guides, as well as private closed groups / community groups. Our personal customised service applies to all categories.

Please feel free to contact us for professional assistance in organising kosher travel arrangements within New Zealand and Australia.

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