With New Zealand’s spectacular skifields an easily accessible paradise, perhaps you have dreamed about organising a kosher ski trip to New Zealand but have found the logistics just too daunting and fraught with obstacles.

Talk to us at Kosher Pacific and we will remove all of the hurdles for you. We specialise in ski tours for school and educational groups and we take care of all organisational and kosher requirements for your group.

Kosher Pacific provide peace of mind by ensuring that the highest level of kashrut is upheld at all times. We completely manage all meal requirements, from the sourcing of food including fresh local ingredients to the preparation in kosher kitchens by a kosher chef.

Kosher Pacific can also provide the services of a Mashgiach for the duration of the trip should this be required, and we can customise tours to fulfil specific curricular needs if required.

If you would like to know more about how you can be part of an exciting, enjoyable and unforgettable tour, skiing in a stunningly beautiful landscape, you can read more here or contact us