Kosher Meals

Even though we are tucked away at the far edge of the world, peacefully cocooned in the midst of the mighty oceans, the South Pacific nations can still provide all kosher services required by discerning Jewish travellers.

Kosher Pacific can include all, or any, of the following in your downunder experience.

  • Kosher food:
    We can arrange all kosher meals throughout the tour – from Glat Kosher to kosher light.
    Meals can be catered by a Kosher Chef or by local Kosher Kitchens.
    Meals can be catered by your hotel with our local Mashgiach who can join the tour and provide Hashgacha at all hotels throughout the tour.
    Meals can be catered by the Kosher kitchens and couriered nationwide to your accommodation. All hosting accommodations are aware of the strict required procedures in handling the kosher meals and they fully adhere to. The group’s guide or the accompanying Mashgiach Rabbi supervise the handling of the kosher meals.
  • Shabbat Experience and Kabalat Shabbat:
    We can arrange Shabbat to be enjoyed with the local Jewish Community where we facilitate the visit at the Synagogue, the meeting with the Jewish community, an informal meeting with the Rabbi, the opportunity to learn about the local Jewish life and history, and meet significant members of the local Jewish community. We have even had cases where the travelling group has run the local Shabbat Service as their contribution to the hosting community – and this is a terrific experience for both parties.
    There may be locations where a Chabbad House is available, but no synagogue. This is likely to be in small Jewish communities. The Chabbad Houses are more than welcoming to the Jewish travelling groups and cooperate with all our requests to enhance the experience of the kosher traveller.
  • Minyan:
    Travelling with a group helps ensure a minyan on a daily basis.
    Individuals are welcome to join the local synagogues / Chabbad houses for a Minyan.In some places this might be available on the Shabbat only. In larger centres in Australia this is available daily at all services.
    In some centres the visiting travellers on Shabbat help the community form a Minyan.
  • Kosher Sefer Torah:
    A Kosher Torah can be lent to the group by a local community. This has to be arranged in advance and is subject to travelling with a Mashgiach. 
  • Sidurim:
    This can be organised for the group with prior arrangement. 

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Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have regarding Kosher travel services in New Zealand or Australia. The list we have outlined may not include all specific requirements and we are happy to advise and assist. Contact us.