Whether you require the peace-of-mind of having us manage your complete kosher cruise holiday bookings, or you just want us to create exciting and interesting kosher shore excursions, Kosher Pacific guarantee a smooth and stimulating trip. 

Kosher Pacific can also offer kosher pre and post cruise itineraries if desired so that your entire travel experience is seamless and stress-free. You can confidently leave the planning in our capable hands.

We are renowned for our superbly planned shore excursion itineraries where we provide the ultimate in traveller satisfaction. We have extensive contacts and years of local experience allowing us to provide stimulating and dynamic shore excursions for everyone, regardless of age group and specific interests. Our contacts also enable us to design excursions that most travellers would find very difficult to create themselves.

We can also arrange Jewish Shore Excursions to provide the opportunity to investigate subjects of interest on shore with spiritual and community themes. Kosher Pacific also run a very popular series of Educational Tours. Accompanied by specialist guides who are noted experts in their fields, these tours are designed for those with an inclination towards gaining greater knowledge and depth of understanding of the chosen subject.

Finally, a Kosher Pacific Pier Manager can be present at every Australian and New Zealand port to orchestrate each excursion. Contact us to see how we can arrange your kosher cruise and cruise excursions of a lifetime.