New Zealand and Australia are an outstanding destination in which to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah post-ceremony. While we believe you may not plan to celebrate this unique ceremony away from the extended family, you may wish to mark this special life event with a unique unforgettable family tour to this corner of the world. Kosher Pacific can organise all aspects of your tour, regardless of family/group size or special requirements. We take into consideration the cross-generational travel requirements, melding the needs of each age group to craft a harmonious and memorable post-Bar/Bat Mitzvah family tour. Kosher Pacific pride ourselves on our attentiveness to the needs and wants of all of the family and the fulfillment of their requests and expectations.

Shabbat will be planned at locations where a Jewish Community and a synagogue are available. If it is preferred for the Shabbat to be spent at a uniquely remote location of the New Zealand wilderness or the Australian Outback, where a Jewish community and a synagogue are not available, we can arrange a Rabbi & Rabbinate to join your Shabbat, we can arrange Shabbat meals with Kosher Chef, and make your personal unforgettable Shabbat experience in the Down-Under.

We will plan with you your customised itinerary and activities to enhance your Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience. Our extensive local knowledge and organisational ability allow us to seamlessly take care of the entire tour, ensuring peace-of-mind for all participants, ensuring high quality kosher meals, securing high quality accommodations, and guaranteeing an overall exclusive experience.