The Down-Under Jewry is a large, dynamic community, and Sydney’s Jewish society is considered one of the most vibrant in the Diaspora.

Jewish and kosher services are found throughout Australia, there are several Jewish communities, many synagogues, kosher kitchens, and the Australian Kosher Authority. In areas where there is no Jewish community, we simply arrange all requirements to be delivered.

Our Australian Kosher Tours combine the best of Australia’s iconic destinations and attractions, together with wonderful personal encounters with the local Jewish communities. We guarantee high quality kosher meals throughout your tour provided by our kosher chefs and local kosher kitchens. The Shabbat is spent in locations where there is a welcoming Jewish community, synagogue or Beit Chabbad/Chabbad House.

Choosing to travel on a Group Kosher Tour enables travellers to enjoy even more unique kosher meal arrangements and the option of having a Mashgiach and/or a Kosher Chef accompanying the tour. It also facilitates a Minyan on a daily basis, even when a Jewish community is not available. When employing the services of one of our Mashgiachim, we can arrange the loan of Kosher Sefer Torah.

The Shabbatot with the Jewish communities are personalised for the group, and Rabbis and Jewish representatives are always happy to welcome the group and talk about the local Jewish life.

No matter what the available travelling time is, we will design the most suitable itinerary. Australian tours can be combined with a tour to New Zealand if desired. If there is the possibility of never visiting ‘downunder’ again, this is an opportunity not to be missed.