About Kosher Pacific

Kosher Pacific is the leader in Kosher Travel to New Zealand, Australia and Asia

Providing specialist travel arrangements for kosher travellers within Australia, New Zealand and Asia

We create unique and unforgettable itineraries for groups, families and individuals/couples. Kosher Pacific Travel was born out of a need to fulfil the requirements of the kosher traveller. In recent years, the number of kosher visitors to New Zealand, Australia and Asia has grown, and based on this growing demand, Kosher Pacific Travel was create to provide dedicate kosher travel service fousing on New Zealand, Australian and South East Asia.

Our strength is in integrating our knowledge and experience with the needs and wants of the traveller, so we can totally customise itineraries. We pay great attention to the group’s specific requests throughout the itinerary design process, the delivery of kosher food, the making of the bookings and our personal contact with the travellers during their holiday

Our office is managed by Ravit Abraham, an Israeli who has lived in New Zealand for over a decade. Our office in New Zealand and Israel is in close contact with the Jewish communities, local Rabbis, kosher agencies, kosher kitchens, Chabbad Houses and Chabbad representatives (Shlichim).

We consult with our local Rabbis whenever needed and we are well supported by their advice and guidance. We can also offer our groups the valuable service of an accompanying Mashgiach.

For more details on our tours, please see our Kosher Tours page

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your kosher travel.

Kosher Pacific Travel Partners

These are some of the companies we work with throughout Asia and Australasia